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DeskLook for Lotus Notes  v.3.5 Beta

DeskLook for Lotus Notes is a productivity assistant for Lotus Notes users. It reads user's calendar data and to do list directly from Notes and shows them conveniently on the desktop through integration with your favorite wallpaper.

Lotus Notes CSV Converter  v.1.5.1 Build 1051

Lotus Notes CSV Converter is a professional application designed to enable you to convert Lotus Notes information to CSV format. Lotus Notes CSV Converter works with Lotus Notes Contacts and Lotus Notes Calendar information. You may convert these

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Migration Wizard for Lotus Notes  v.06.05.8131

The Migration Wizard for Lotus Notes is a tool designed for organizations that are migrating from Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Calendar Connector for Lotus Notes  v.06.05.8131

The Calendar Connector for Lotus Notes is a tool designed for organizations that need to coexist during a migration from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

Lotus Notes Notifier  v.0.1.0

Lotus Notes e-mail (or any other document) notifier. Agent notifying about new emails through XMMP (used by Jabber IM service) protocol. Open architecture allows to write your own plugins supporting other types of communication

Domingo - Java-API to Lotus Notes/Domino  v.1.5.1

Groupware-API for stable access from Java to Lotus Notes/Domino via local or remote access, as easy to use as LotusScript. Domingo is compatible with Java 1.3 or higher and with Lotus Notes/Domino R5, R6, R6.5, R7 and R8.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Connector for Lotus Notes  v.06.05.8131

A tool designed for organizations that need to coexist during a migration from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

ActiPOINTnotesD  v.

COMIRELs ActiPOINTnotesD extends Lotus Notes by the telephony functionality of ActiPOINT. Under the concealed use of ActiPOINT calls can be initiated. Coming in calls are registered and callers will be identified.

ActiPOINTsnomM  v.

Multi line / multi call TSP (TAPI) for SNOM phones. COMIRELs ActiPOINTsnomM delivers a TSP (TAPI Service Provider) for phones of the company SNOM. Initiate calls and ending them using TAPI capable apllications like Outlook (Lotus Notes).

IntelliPRINT Dashboard Reporting  v.5.2

IntelliPRINT Dashboard Reporting is a native Dashboard-style Reporting and Analysis solution specifically designed for Lotus Notes & Domino that enables Notes & Domino users to create, modify, extend and analyze dashboard-style reports and data

IntelliPRINT Reporting  v.5.3

IntelliPRINT Reporting is a next generation reporting solution that integrates reporting into the Lotus Notes & Domino Application workflow, significantly enhancing the capability of your Notes business applications. IntelliPRINT Reporting enables

ConvGO! for Lotus Domino  v.83

The tool putting HTML/XHTML documents into the Lotus Notes/Domino R5, R6 or R7 databases. The HTML code is aggregated in defined field of document, including files of the resources. Currently is only supported Polish

Lotus LibraryBook  v.1.0

This Lotus Notes-application is easy groupware for the account of activity of

Lotus to Outlook calendar converter  v.1.0

PHP web app to users to convert a Lotus Notes calendar export into a CSV file for import into Outlook.

Lotus Domino Backup Agent  v.9.0.3

For businesses that rely on Lotus-Notes / Domino servers to manage high volumes of data

BatchUpdater Toolkit  v.1.1 Build 1011

BatchUpdater Toolkit is a 5-in-1 software package that lets you modify or update Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!

ActiPOINTskypeD  v.

Multi call TSP (TAPI) for SKYPE. COMIRELs ActiPOINTskypeD delivers a TAPI Service Provider for SKYPE. Initiate and teminate calls using TAPI capable applications like Outlook or Notes. Extended call control: hold, swap on hold, initiate conference

CleanMail Server Free  v.

CleanMail is a complete SMTP/POP3 email security solution (Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus) that works with any mail server like Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010, Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003/2008, Lotus Notes/Domino or IMail. CleanMail includes

Task Coach  v.0.72.6

Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of Frank's frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite

Snare BackLogr  v.1.2

The Snare BackLog application is a program that provides a central collection facility for a variety of log sources, including Snare Agents for Windows, Solaris, AIX, Irix, ISA Server, IIS Server, Lotus Notes (and others), plus any device capable of

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